Review: Playing the Player by Lisa Brown Roberts

Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

If the money hadn't been so darn tempting, Trina Clemons would never have agreed to take on babysitting not just one child but also an adult who was supposed to be babysitting yet another child! But agree she did, and now, she's saddled with the ultimate slacker slash player, Slade Edmunds. He nicknamed her "Bird Brain" years ago and the awful name stuck, still used in school. She knows they'll end up barely tolerating each other's presence. But she'll do what she has to, even endure the summer with slacker Slade.

Left with no other choice but to find a source of income for the summer, Slade Edmunds surprises even himself when he's accepted as a babysitter. The one catch is that he has to work with the overly organized and rigid Trina Clemons. When his best friend bets that he won't be able to get Trina to chill out by summer's end, Slade accepts. But could the good girl and sexy slacker discover there's more to the other than they originally thought? And what happens when their respective secrets are inadvertently revealed?

Playing the Player is a standalone young adult (YA) romance from Lisa Brown Roberts, whose debut novel, How (Not) to Fall in Love, became a 2015 favorite of mine. She definitely didn't disappoint with this follow-up release of hers about two soon-to-be senior high school students end up spending their summer vacation working side-by-side as babysitters to two of the most adorably precocious kids I've ever come across in a book. This has humor and never loses its heart while telling this sweet teen love story.

It's way too easy to be like lead characters Trina Clemons and Slade Edmunds and judge each of them within the first few chapters of the book. But once you get to know them and you realize that there's so much more to them than being the overly good girl who lives by rules and a schedule and the super slacker who prefers hook-ups to relationships. Having Gillian Forrester and Max Gonzalez under their care brings out a side of them that the two probably never realized existed and they become a memorable foursome.

The romance and cast of characters are irresistibly endearing and while I may not be the target audience for a book like this, I'm more than able to appreciate it because it allows me to look back and remember when the stuff I was reading as a teen and I would sigh happily by the time I got to the end, wishing I was the girl in the story. Playing the Player is the kind of YA book that I would have immediately gravitated to as a teen and I still gravitated to it now as an adult. That's what happens with great books. It gets five stars! ♥

Release Date: 14 September 2015

Date Read: 15 August 2015

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