Review: Ghost of You by Kelly Moran (Phantoms #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

From the moment he took her best friend's spot on Phantoms, Sammy Hanesworth's opinion of the show's resident psychologist, Cain McClutchen, has been blatantly obvious to everyone who's part of the show. But Sammy's been given an ultimatum to play nice if she wants a shot at being made a Phantoms producer. They've partnered up to work their latest case located in Sammy's hometown, a place with haunting memories for her. Soon, it becomes clear that there's something evil lurking and it's got its sights set on Sammy. Her greatest source of support is surprisingly from Cain--but maybe, if she were really honest with herself, she would have never expected less from the man she can't stop thinking about. They'll need to work together to overcome the powerful entity housed in ruins before it gets to them first.

Ghost of You is the third and what I'm guessing is the final book in the Phantoms series from author Kelly Moran and a book that I've been anticipating since I read and reviewed the first two books, Ghost of a Promise and Give Up the Ghost, in late May of this  year. There's something about Kelly Moran's writing that conjures up images that give you chills but also provides a romanticism between the main characters that makes you want to sigh happily. I had goose bumps reading this third installment, making me think that the author saved the best for last, which is, in itself, a difficult feat since I thoroughly enjoyed the books prior to this one, both of which exceeded my expectations each time. The story, which implemented the enemies-to-lovers trope I love, was fraught with loads of tension in the romance and suspense aspects.

The couples who have had their stories told in the series aren't merely players that tell a tale about falling in love and searching for ghosts. There's more to each of them and the same holds true for the main characters here. Sammy Hanesworth and Cain McClutchen both have the most tragic of back stories among the Phantoms cast and crew. Sammy has more in common with Cain than she probably originally anticipated, allowing Cain to understand her in a way most of the others haven't been able to. Just like in the first two books, you become emotionally invested with the main characters here, wanting them to overcome, not just the spirits and entities lingering about, but the ghosts of their pasts so that they can move forward and be free to reach that happily-ever-after waiting for them after all the trials and hurdles.

With almost everyone on Phantoms finding love and me assuming that this is the end, I'm left with that feeling I get every time a series I love takes that farewell bow. I'm thrilled that the series was consistently amazing but I'm heartbroken that there's nothing more waiting in the wings. Maybe I can hold out hope and wish that Elise and Lee will fall madly in love and get their own story so that the series continues. Of course, I could also be wrong in my assumption and there may actually still be another book or two in the series. However, if I am right and Phantoms has come to an end, then at least I can happily say that I'm a more than satisfied fan and reader and that I was fortunate enough to have read three fantastic books. Thank you, Kelly Moran, for being the writer that you are and for making Ghost of You a five-star read. ♥

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 Release Date: 21 September 2015

Date Read: 20 September 2015

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