Review: Hard as Steel by Laura Kaye (Hard Ink #4.5; Raven Riders #0.5)

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Jessica Jakes and Ike Young have been friends ever since they started working together in Hard Ink Tattoo, and while they've swapped stories before, neither is fully aware of the fact that they're each other's fantasy. Now, they're together in Ike's cabin, hiding out after Jess's home is ransacked by enemies of Nick Rixey, their friend and the brother of their boss Jeremy. As tempting as Jess is, Ike doesn't want to act on his feelings, still haunted by his failure to protect the first girl he ever loved. But there's only so much temptation either of them can take and when the line is crossed, their friendship is altered irrevocably.

Hard as Steel is a crossover novella from bestselling author Laura Kaye, one involving her undeniably popular and well-loved Hard Ink series and her upcoming Raven Riders series. The Raven Riders are a motorcycle club that play an important part in the quest of Nick Rixey and his former Special Forces teammates to learn the truth about their less-than-honorable discharge from the Army. Ike Young is a member of the MC and he works for Jeremy Rixey and with Jessica Jakes. The chemistry between these two is palpable in this novella but Ike's past is something that wreaks havoc on what's going on with them.

This novella overlaps with the events that take place in Hard to Be Good and Hard to Let Go and it certainly piques my interest as to what the Raven Riders series has in store for us beginning next year. I liked that Jessica and Ike are able to get their story told here and that the connection they have with Jeremy and Nick and the rest of the Hard Ink crew and the Raven Riders MC makes them interested parties in what's happening back in Baltimore. This was a quick but highly enjoyable read and one that shows that when it comes to novellas, Laura Kaye always packs a punch. Hard as Steel receives five stars. ♥

Release Date: 22 September 2015

Date Read: 22 September 2015

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