Review: Loving Him Off the Field by Jeanette Murray (Santa Fe Bobcats #2)

Killian Reeves has always been known as the quiet guy on the Santa Fe Bobcats football team and he likes it that way. He doesn't really spend time socializing with his teammates, he doesn't indulge in whatever groupies have to offer, and he never, ever does interviews. But Aileen Rogers desperately needs an interview with the always elusive kicker and she's no ordinary reporter. She doesn't hound him nor is she busily trying to dig dirt on him. She's unlike any other reporter Killian's ever encountered before. Heck, she's unlike any other woman he's met before and while he does agree to an interview, he's doubly careful about fully trusting her. He's got a few secrets he needs to keep under wraps because the last thing he would ever want is for everyone to learn about his young son and subject the boy to unwanted attention.

Loving Him Off the Field is the second book in author Jeanette Murray's sports romance series Santa Fe Bobcats. Admittedly, I was surprised that this was about the team's kicker, Killian Reeves, because I was expecting the second one to either be about Josiah Walker or Stephen Harrison, the most mentioned supporting characters from the first book and the closest friends to that book's main male character, Trey Owens. But regardless of my assumptions, I quite enjoyed Killian's love story with reporter Aileen Rogers, especially since these two seemed like such opposites and Aileen was a breath of fresh air. She had no obvious hang-ups or insecurities and brought out the lighter side to the usually stoic Killian. Learning Killian's secret was interesting because it's the reasons behind all the secrecy that had piqued my curiosity.

Killian's relationship with his son's mother was an interesting one because it could have been played in the usual adversarial way that these relationship are presented in books, but not here. I'm quickly learning that Jeanette Murray likes putting her own spin on things and that's what makes her books stand out in an already crowded playing field. Now, I'm expecting the unexpected each time I start one of her stories and so far, so good. The cast of characters is as strong as ever, though I think I'm going to be adding a couple of names to my list of potential main characters in the series: Michael Lambert (center) and Josh Leeman (backup quarterback). So, fingers crossed that we get six books in the Santa Fe Bobcats series because it's quickly becoming a favorite in the sports romance genre. I'm giving Loving Him Off the Field four stars. ♥

Date Read: 15 September 2015

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