Review: Deeper Than Dreams by Jessica Topper (Love & Steel #1.5)

"I thought if love was going to appear in your music, it had to be doomed, damned, or deadly," I teased, quoting words he used in the past. He sat back to look at me, and the raise of his brow indicated he wasn't the only one who remembered a surprising number of details.

"I've learned that love runs much deeper than that." His armed tightened around my waist, pulling me even closer. "Deeper than dreams," he murmured against the shell of my ear. "And if I've made even one your dreams come true tonight, then I am a better man for it."

Librarian and single mom Katrina Lewis has found love once again with rock legend Adrian Graves. He may be Digger Graves to his legions of Corroded Corpse and Rotten Graves Project fans, but to Kat and her daughter Abbey, he's simply the ever complicated but endearingly loving Adrian. With Adrian's music career experiencing a resurgence, questions and doubts pop up, leaving Kat wondering what could be in store for the family they've created and if it is possible to combine resurrected old dreams with new ones.

There are some stories that end more than satisfactorily, with the main characters happily living their lives together. But even when that happens, the promise of an epilogue and getting an answer to the "what next?" query is too enticing to resist and the novella that is Deeper Than Dreams by Jessica Topper, which should be read after Louder Than Love, more than delivers. It's quick but quirky, short but sweet, and highlights that happily-ever-afters are never guaranteed to be problem-free but are always full of hope.

This takes place the day after the events in the first book and while Kat and Adrian are blissfully in love with each other, reality sets in. What happens now, especially after such an epic reunion among three of the four original members of Corroded Corpse? As expected, there are ups and downs, and while these two have been through tougher times, what they have is still fairly new and will be guaranteed to be tested time and again. Deeper Than Dreams is how five-plus-starred novellas should be written. Go and read it. ♥

Date Read: 17 September 2015

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