Review: Hard to Let Go by Laura Kaye (Hard Ink #4)

Katherine Rixey refuses to let Beckett Murda forget that he pointed a gun at her the first time they met. There's nothing much about the man that she likes but there's no denying that he's the most gorgeous male she's ever laid eyes on. That doesn't mean that she wants to start anything with him, not after what her ex-boyfriend put her through. When Beckett finally gives in to his attraction to one of his closest friends' sister, things between him and Kat become complicated. The sex part they've got down pat, but other interactions are far more difficult to get through. Even as they try to keep their distance from one another, they have to work as a team, especially when Kat puts her career on the line to help her brother and his men. Being around Kat makes Beckett feel, something he hasn't allowed himself to do for years, but she deserves to be with someone better and the memories of his past may be too much to overcome.

Hard to Let Go is fourth and final (NO!!!) full-length novel in what has now become one of my all-time favorite series, Hard Ink, from bestselling author Laura Kaye. Aside from getting answers to all our questions, the remaining ex-military member of the Hard Ink crew, Beckett Murda, finally falls in love and it just happens to be with the sister of one of his best friends, Kat Rixey. These two bicker a lot and theirs has an enemies-to-lovers feel while still keeping with that Hard Ink vibe of these former Special Forces men falling really hard for the women in their lives. Beckett is quiet and brooding but when he speaks his mind, you can't help but listen, although Kat would rather make him shut up instead of contradict her. I loved these two together, because it's almost as if they can't believe they feel something other than utter dislike for one another. They push each other's buttons constantly but they're what the other one needs.

My heart was pounding in certain scenes in the book and if there was ever a fitting end to this series, Laura Kaye more than delivered. There are surprises that you don't see coming and I went through a myriad of emotions while reading this book, especially when it come to the scene in the cemetery, because the tears couldn't be stopped. Like I mentioned in my review for the very first book in the series, Hard as It Gets, I read this series in two days, a feat considering the number of books involved, and just like the title of this sixth release, it's hard to let go of the individual life and love stories as well as the characters themselves because I did become attached to them while cheering them on as my emotional investment in each one grew with each book. Aside from the crossover novella that follows this, I know there's one last novella coming in January and it's already on my TBR list. Hard to Let Go is a 2015 favorite and it gets five stars. ♥

Date Read: 22 September 2015

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