Review: Gypsy Hope by Jillian Neal (Gypsy Beach #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by RockStar Lit PR in exchange for an honest review.

Hope Hendrix and Brock Camden have been best friends for years and have harbored feelings that far surpass those of friendship for each other for almost as long. When Hope confesses that she wants to experience things she's been too afraid to try before, some of which just happen to be about sex, Brock is more than willing to be the one to teach her. Finding out that they want to be more than friends opens the door but it's a door that Brock is expecting will be shut sooner or later because Hope deserves someone far better than him. The secret he's been keeping since they were in high school is weighing heavily on his shoulders and Brock knows that once Hope learns the truth, she'll realize that he isn't worthy of her love.

I've been reading and reviewing the Gypsy Beach series from the time the first book was slated for publication and while the first two were good reads and the third one faltered a bit, Gypsy Hope, the fourth and latest release in Jillian Neal's series set in Gypsy Beach, North Carolina, is by far the best one and my absolute favorite. This was a best-friends-to-lovers romance that was sweet and steamy and had lighthearted drama that made me cheer Hope Hendrix and Brock Camden on to the happily-ever-after they deserved to have together. The story was character-driven and this highly appealing pairing of two best friends who are each other's greatest source of support makes you believe in the power of true love.

Hope and Brock both have things in their pasts--Hope losing her parents to a car accident and Brock suffering abuse at the hands of his father and keeping a learning disability secret--and I loved how they were finally ready to overcome it all because they saw that they had each other's love and acceptance. If I could have given Hope a high-five when she confronted school officials and held them accountable for what happened to Brock, I would have because that was one of my favorite highlights in the book. Before I even got the end, I found myself wishing that there would be a spin-off series featuring Brock's cousins in Nebraska and it looks like my wish is going to come true. Gypsy Hope is a standalone and gets five stars. ♥

Release Date: 22 September 2015

Date Read: 23 September 2015

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