Review: Shooting Dirty by Jill Sorenson (Dirty Eleven #2)

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Aaron "Ace" Clemmons may no longer be part of the Dirty Eleven motorcycle club but his ties to the club president have shackled him to servitude, but he does what is necessary if it ensures him custody of his young daughter Skye. He's killed men before, but the murder of one particular man has led Ace to a fascination with the man's ex-girlfriend, stripper and single mom Janelle Parker. Memories of her tied up and at his mercy fuel his fantasies, and when she finally gives in to her own attraction to him, Ace and Janelle prove to be a combination beyond their wildest dreams. But Dirty Eleven's enemies have plans for Ace and they have no qualms using Janelle and her son Jamie, forcing Ace to revert back to being a hunter.

Shooting Dirty is the second novel in the Dirty Eleven series from author Jill Sorenson and is the story of Ace Clemmons, a former member of the Dirty Eleven motorcycle club and close friend of Cole "Shank" Shepherd (main male character from the first book, Riding Dirty), and Janelle Parker, the woman whose ex-boyfriend's murder was the last job Ace had to do as a member of the MC. This was a sexually intense story, one that had two people who you would never expect to have such a strong attraction to one another not just become involved but end up falling for one another. There's a fair bit of murder and mayhem, but that's what happens when MCs are in the picture and this book's romantic suspense, after all.

For the record, Janelle's ex-boyfriend and the father of her son Jamie wasn't a good person. Of course, this doesn't justify Ace's murdering him but then the MC world lives by a different set of rules, right? While his death has affected Janelle, it's her short time in captivity with Ace that continues to haunts her, but in ways that you would never expect. Janelle feels that she's ready to hand over control to Ace and though Ace has never been into BDSM, he can't get the idea of a tied-up Janelle out of his head. No one else does it for these two and what begins as a purely sexual thing becomes something more to both of them, which is why Ace becomes such an easy target and Janelle a far easier pawn in order to control Ace.

Aside from being part of the Dirty Eleven series, this story is connected to Badlands, the third book in Jill Sorenson's Aftershock series, which was about Owen Jackson, the brother of Janelle's ex-boyfriend, and is where Ace's and Janelle's paths cross. Owen is mentioned in Shooting Dirty a number of times, so now I'm curious as to what went on in Badlands, but I'll have to wait to read it since I have a thing for reading books in a series in order. I am, however, looking forward to reading the next book in this series and hope it'll be about Tiffany, Janelle's best friend and a memorable supporting character in the first two books, and I hope she's paired with Rex, who is quite mysterious. So far, so good. Shooting Dirty gets four stars. ♥

Release Date: 21 September 2015

Date Read: 18 September 2015

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