Review: Melting Point by Kate Meader (Hot in Chicago #1.5)

From the minute Gage Simpson locked eyes with Brady Smith, he was done for. He's chased Brady from the beginning and even agreed to Brady's rules stating that Gage wasn't allowed to touch him. But when Brady abruptly ends things, Gage decides to give Brady what he wants and keeps his distance. The thing is, Brady can't stay away from anything that has to do with the only guy who's been able to bring light to his darkened world. Gage could be the one person Brady is willing to truly try with and begin to deal with his issues that still linger from his last devastating mission as a Marine. But as chill as Gage may seem to be, he's got his own issues. Will they be able to let go of the past in hopes of holding on to a future together?

If you were able to read Flirting with Fire, then you may have been itching to find out what lay ahead for Gage Simpson, the firefighter known as Baby Thor and the guy who didn't seem to let anything get him down, and Brady Smith, the quiet, scarred, and tatted-up chef and co-owner of Smith & Jones. After a rocky start, they seemed to have left things off on a promising note in that first full-length novel, but here in Melting Point, a novella in the Hot in Chicago series from Kate Meader, it's clear that they've got challenges presently before them as a couple and as individuals. After you learn what Gage went through with his birth mother and what Brady endured in Afghanistan, your heart can't help but break for them.

Gage was that ray of sunshine all throughout what his siblings Luke Almeida and Alexandra Dempsey went through in Flirting with Fire, so finding out his back story here made it clear just how much of a survivor he is. Same goes with Brady, who does not only suffer from post traumatic stress disorder but also carries the visible scars he received while being tortured by enemy combatants. They may not have made sense in the beginning, what with Gage being gregarious and a chatterbox and Brady more comfortable in silence and on his own, but seeing as they both bear unseen reminders of their traumatizing pasts, it's clear that they fit. There's a genuine love between them, one worth fighting for. Melting Point is a five-starred fave. ♥

Date Read: 30 September 2015

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