Review: Take a Chance on Me by Jennifer Dawson (Something New #1)

It’s not every day that a woman walks into his bar in Revival, Illinois, dressed in a wedding gown, but Mitchell Riley there’s something more to Madeline Donovan than her being an obvious runaway bride. Mitch goes out of his way to offer Maddie a place to stay while she’s considering what her next move is after leaving her groom at the altar. There’s an undeniable connection between them, one that Mitch isn’t ready to let go of, not knowing when Maddie will decide to return to her life in Chicago. Their time together seems almost idyllic but the unwelcome reminders of their unresolved pasts will force them to either fight for a future together or let go.

Take a Chance on Me is the first novel in the Something New contemporary romance series from author Jennifer Dawson. Runaway bride Maddie Donovan and former lawyer turned bar owner Mitch Riley are drawn to each other from the moment they meet. It’s obvious that they click in a way that they’ve never experienced with anyone else. Maddie’s life changed when her father was killed in a car accident when she was just fifteen, while Mitch’s had no choice but to leave the life he had in Chicago behind when his personal choices affected his professional career. They both walked away from their problems, and having never solved them, they come back to haunt them.

I enjoyed this story, not just for the romance between Maddie and Mitch, but also for the friendship that Mitch shares with his small but tight-knit circle of friends—siblings Gracie and Sam Roberts and Charlie Radcliff—and the quirky townspeople of Revival who have no qualms butting into the lives of others but do so out of concern. I loved that the underlying theme was about finding redemption and forgiving yourself for perceived sins and mistakes, something that Maddie and Mitch had to learn for a chance to move forward together. It’s difficult to not fall for the cast of characters and not get excited for the next book. Take a Chance on Me gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 23 September 2015

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