Review: Slow Ride by Cathryn Fox (Playing for Keeps #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

He may be a successful sports medicine doctor and has his own ranch to visit on the weekends, but Chase Cooper is ready for something more. He feels it's time for him to settle down and when he and his two best friends decide to send out invitations for the women they think got away to spend a week with them on the ranch, Coop contemplates if that woman could be his high school best friend Mari Blair. But the woman who arrives isn't Mari; instead, it's her twin sister Julia, the girl that Coop has always wanted but could never have. She may have received the invitation by mistake, but Coop is more than ready to show Julia that he's only ever thought of being with one Blair sister and that's her. If only she can really believe him.

Slow Ride is the first novella in the Playing for Keeps series by bestselling author Cathryn Fox and was originally published in November 2013 under Entangled Publishing's Flaunt imprint with the title Cowboy's Way, the first book in the Weekend Cowboys series. This new edition has enhanced material but since I never read the original release, I can't compare the two and my review is exclusively based on this new release. The story intrigued me from the moment I read the blurb and this was a fast-paced tale of two people, Julia Blair and Chase Cooper, who had a thing for each other in high school but never quite believed the other saw them as anything more than the connection they represented to Julia's twin, Mari.

I was expecting the story to go one way and was pleasantly surprised with how everything played out. Coop was always this confident guy, but being around Julia made him falter, almost as if having the girl of his dreams in front of him caused his brain to short circuit and made him stumble over his words, as was the case when they were in high school and when they saw each other again on the ranch. Julia allowed herself to let loose and though she saw it as her trying to be more like her twin sister, it felt more like her embracing that side of herself that she always kept on lock-down because of being the no-nonsense person she is and trying to be her sister's opposite. I really enjoyed Slow Ride and it receives 4.5 out of five stars. ♥

Release Date: 28 September 2015

Date Read: 26 September 2015

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