Review: Torn Hearts by Claire Contreras (Hearts #1.5)

I never felt love from my biological parents, but I felt it elsewhere. Love was in friends who became brothers. It was in their parents, and Patty, my foster mother, the woman who taught me what a mother was supposed to be like. And it was in a girl--a bite-sized, sassy blonde named Mia.

Theirs was a love story that was destined for the fairy tale ending other couples could only dream of. It was strong. It was honest. It was true. But fate had other plans for Mia Bennett and Jensen Reynolds, because even the greatest of love stories go through tests, the results of which can either make that love awe-inspiring or it can take one or both hearts and shred them into pieces that may no longer fit together.

Torn Hearts is a prequel novella from bestselling author Claire Contreras that gives readers the back story to Mia Bennett and Jensen Reynolds's romance. If you've read the first book in the series, Torn Hearts, the avoidance that Mia employs whenever she knows Jensen is going to be around clues you in on their having a past that lead to unresolved hurt feelings and issues of betrayal and subsequent abandonment.

This is a very quick read but one that's essential to the tale of Mia and Jensen. We glimpse their beginning and the hopefulness of their love and we witness the heartrending result of a thoughtless error in judgment. Yes, we're left with questions but theirs is a story that has merely been put on hold, awaiting answers as to what more fate has in store, which we'll get in Paper Hearts. Five-plus stars for Torn Hearts. ♥

Date Read: 09 September 2015

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