Review: Chasing Desire by Joya Ryan (Chasing Love #3)

After getting his heart broken by the woman he thought he'd spend forever with, Huck Galvin no longer believes in commitment and makes a point of being the one to walk away from the one-night stands he's with. But when the woman he spends a few unforgettable hours has him waking up to an empty bed, Huck is shell-shocked. He gets his opportunity to remedy the situation when he realizes that the woman in question is part of his best friend's wedding party. However, while all he wanted was one full night with Autumn Lane, he discovers he wants more than that with her, even if she is only staying in Diamond, Kansas for two weeks. Huck knows Autumn's going to leave him whether he likes it or not but can he convince the prickly auto mechanic that she can now have with him the one thing she's looking for: home.

Chasing Desire is the third addition to the Diamond, Kansas-set Chasing Love contemporary romance series from bestselling author Joya Ryan. Behind Huck Galvin's tattoos and relaxed manner is a heart that's been traumatized by an ex who walked out on him without nary a glance back while Autumn Lane has never come first in anyone's list of priorities, save for her beloved grandfather. These two like having the ability to control their circumstances, but I liked how they had to work through being able to let go and simply be when they were together. I liked Huck and Autumn as a couple, though I did feel that two weeks is a pretty short time for them to have developed the kind of feelings they had for each other, especially since it meant huge life changes in their respective lives. I'm giving Chasing Desire four out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 09 September 2015

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