Review: Dirty Thoughts by Megan Erickson (Mechanics of Love #1)

Calvin Payton and Jenna MacMillan were young and in love, with many around them believing they were one of the very rare high school pairings that would last a lifetime. But when they were both eighteen, Cal and Jenna went their separate ways, with Jenna ending their relationship and heading off to college while Cal stayed on with his father and brothers in Tory, Maryland. It takes a decade for them to cross paths again, with Cal entrenched in the family-owned Payton and Sons garage and Jenna back in Tory from New York. Seeing Jenna again stirs up feelings he buried ten years ago and Cal has to deal with her being around somehow because she isn't in Tory for a visit; she's back to stay. But Cal is no longer the boy Jenna left behind and she's faced with the realization that he may not be able to give ger what she wants: forever.

Dirty Thoughts is the first book in the Mechanics of Love series from Megan Erickson and it's a spin-off of the author's Bowler University series that includes the love story of the youngest Payton brother, Max, and where the older Payton boys, Cal and Brent, were introduced. This was a sweet second chance romance about Cal Payton and Jenna MacMillan, high school sweethearts who broke up after graduation and see each other again ten years later. There's a lot of humor but also quite a bit of drama, especially when it comes to issues that both Cal and Jenna have to face regarding their past as a couple and their respective families. Some people saw Jenna being with Cal as an act of rebellion when she was a teen and when Jenna broke things off, Cal was affected by their split, leaving him a detached and unaffected man.

Cal and Jenna are now one of my favorite fictional couples. She rarely allowed him to downplay a meaningful or heavy moment and never let him get away with his less than pleasing behavior and moods. She was sassy and confident, but she was also this kind-hearted and loving woman who wanted to be there for Cal, even when he was trying to maintain the whole friendship facade. And Cal was truly a good guy who would have done anything for his brothers, and the introduction of Asher Weyland was key to cluing Jenna and Cal's family in on just how much love and care he's capable of giving. Aside from Asher, the book has a solid cast of supporting characters--from Jack, Brent, and Max Payton to Delilah Jenkins and the rest in between--that certainly keeps things interesting. Dirty Thoughts is a five-starred series starter! ♥

Date Read: 17 September 2015

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