Review: One Night with the Playboy by Katherine Garbera (Whiskey River #5)

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Nicholas Blue and Reba Duvall were both part of the rodeo circuit when their friend dies while competing. They turned to each other in their time of grief only to have Nick run off afterward. More than a year later, Reba has tracked down Nick in Whiskey River but she's not looking for another hook-up. She wants baby Martina to get to know her father--Nick Blue--because Reba knows how much Nick wanted to have a father by his side while he was growing up. Reba wants them to have a good relationship for the sake of their daughter, but a family with Reba and Martina could something Nick never knew he actually wanted.

One Night with the Playboy by bestselling author Katherine Garbera is the fifth installment in the Whiskey River series and is the story of the last of the four Kelly-Blue brothers, Nicholas Blue, and how his one-time thing with his friend Reba Duvall results in something unexpected for them both. A year after Nick upped and left Reba, he's surprised to discover that he's the father of a four-month-old daughter named after their friend who died. Reba and Nick know that they both want to be the best possible parents for Martina, but Reba doesn't expect any sort of commitment from someone known for his playboy ways.

Reba has always had feelings for Nick but Nick was too busy sleeping with other women to really notice until they spent that one night together. The amount of time it took Nick to realize that he had feelings for her was pretty short and left me wondering if it was more due to the sense of obligation he felt and because he didn't want his child to grow up without her father being a permanent fixture. There was some chemistry between the two of them but not enough for me to truly believe that these guys were head over heels in love with each other. They may have known each other for years but it did still feel like insta-love.

The series has been a pretty good one, with some stories being better than others. These four brothers may not have grown up together but they had more in common than sharing a father, one of which was the fact that they all had reputations for being with lots of women, something they probably got from their late father. The ending was okay, though I did feel it was a bit forced and would have wanted a build up to that sort of reconciliation and I was kind of looking for something that was more of a something that had all four brothers looking back on their year together. I'm giving One Night with the Playboy three stars. ♥

Release Date: 02 September 2015

Date Read: 04 September 2015

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