Review: Mad About the Hatter by Dakota Chase

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For years, Henry has listened to his older sister Alice spin tales of her adventures in a place too wondrous to be real. When he suddenly finds himself in Wonderland itself, Henry not only has to quickly get over his disbelief but to enlist the assistance of someone Alice called Hatter, who himself has been tasked by the Queen of Hearts to bring Henry, aka Boy Alice, to the Red Castle and get his head lopped off. As they traverse their way around Wonderland, Henry and Hatter begin to form a bond but will it be strong enough for them to make a run for it or will they end up losing not just their heads but their hearts as well?

Mad About the Hatter is a fantasy new adult (NA) romance standalone novel from author Dakota Chase and is a spin-off of the original Lewis Carroll books featuring a girl named Alice, with the events here taking place quite nearly a decade and a half after those in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Henry is seventeen and has never believed his sister Alice's stories about Wonderland. When she ends up sending him to the magical place, she tells him to find Hatter, who is offered a deal for his freedom and pardon for all his supposed crimes if he can find and bring Henry to the Queen of Hearts.

Dakota Chase's Wonderland, both the setting and characters, is as fascinating and magical as you can get, deriving her inspiration from Carroll's enchanting yet treacherous setting. There's a lot of world building, which I appreciated because the author doesn't assume that readers who come across her book are familiar with the original source of inspiration, i.e. Carroll's books. The romance between the teenaged Henry and Hatter, who is perpetually twenty years old, is sweet and fairly innocent but takes a backseat to the adventure the two go on when Henry ends up in Wonderland the first time and then upon their return.

This was a refreshingly fun book to read, one that I didn't know I needed but was grateful for after the heavier material that's crossed my e-reader as of late. There's a fair amount of silliness in the story and I liked how Henry and Hatter's relationship progressed from distrust and dislike, in spite of noticing each other's physical attractiveness, to something much more. The misadventures of Henry and Hatter were an exceptionally entertaining way for me to spend a couple of hours and I would happily recommend it whether you're a fan of the original stories or not. I'm giving Mad About the Hatter 4.5 stars out of five. ♥

Date Read: 04 September 2015

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