Review: In Bed with Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert (Out of Uniform #1)

Air Force Pararescuer Ryan Flannery and librarian Brianna Nave may have looked like a match made in heaven when his brother and her best friend set them up on a blind date, but within the first five minutes of meeting, it was clear that they were entering the gates of dating hell for the evening. He hates his hometown but she's fallen in love with the place she now considers home and that's only the beginning of the things they disagree on. They bicker and complain about each other but they don't seem to have any problems once they get into more physical endeavors. When they end up stranded in a cabin, Ryan and Bri appear to finally begin to work on their issues and it appears that there could be a future for both of them. But when the harsh realities of the outside world demand their attention, will they decide to walk away?

In Bed with Mr. Wrong is the first book in the Out of Uniform series from bestselling author Katee Robert and one that I enjoyed immensely, thanks in great part to the banter that the two lead characters, Ryan Flannery and Bri Nave, were constantly engaged in as well. The story was witty and had me laughing out loud a couple of times, but there are those moments where you feel your heart squeezing in empathy when things become iffy. Ryan and Bri were definitely the stars of this book, but Drew Flannery and Avery Yeung and their matchmaking ways were attention-grabbers. Add to that the meddlesome but well-meaning townsfolk of Wellingford and you've got yourself a small town romance that packs a big punch. This was the ideal series starter and one that promises bigger and better things in the future. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 05 September 2015

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