Review: His to Keep by Katee Robert (Out of Uniform #1.5)

Marceline Bellini has spent the last three years making sure her young daughter is her top priority. She barely has time for much else other than her job as a teacher, so when one of her friends invites her to her engagement party, Marcy is already counting the minutes before she can make her escape. Soon though, she's plied with shots by her friends and finds herself in an alleyway with her best friend's older brother who just happens to be someone she's had feelings for since she was seventeen. But as much as police officer Aaron Robinson makes her want more, Marcy isn't sure if Aaron is really prepared to be with someone with as complicated a life as her. Aaron's going to have to prove that what they have is for keeps.

His to Keep is a novella and the second release in the Katee Robert-penned Out of Uniform series and features Brianna Nave's neighbor, Marcy Bellini, and a member of Drew Flannery's police force, Aaron Robinson. Both Marcy and Drew have had feeling for one another for ten years, but with the five-year age difference and then the realities of life getting in the way, the two never pursued anything. This friends-to-lovers romance was hot but always had heart, especially when it came to handling the fact that Marcy had a young and impressionable daughter to think of. Aaron is a truly nice guy and the saying "Good things come to those who wait" certainly worked out in his favor. This was a really quick but enjoyable read. Four stars! ♥

Date Read: 05 August 2015

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