Review: Falling for His Best Friend by Katee Robert (Out of Uniform #2)

At twenty-eight, Avery Yeung's mother and sister were diagnosed with uterine cancer, which took her mother's life and forced Avery's sister to undergo a full hysterectomy. With time not on her side and genetic red flags spurring her on, Avery decides she wants to have a baby, an announcement that surprises those closest to her, but none more than her best friend Drew Flannery. However, Avery's in for an even bigger surprise when Drew volunteers to be the donor for Avery's cause but he wants to do the baby-making the old fashioned way. What starts out as nothing more than a means to an end becomes something far more intimate, forcing Avery and Drew to re-analyze their relationship and to try and figure out if they can ever go back to being best friends or if they want to take a risk and pursue something more.

Falling for His Best Friend is the second full-length book and third release from the contemporary romance Out of Uniform series from Katee Robert and finally turns the spotlight on best friends Drew Flannery and Avery Yeung. The two consider each other nothing more than the best of friends but it appears that everyone else around them has noticed that there actually is that something more that's been lingering between the two of them since they were kids. Once these two have sex, it's like opening the door to everything they've repressed. There's genuine love and trust that these two have for each other, one that forms the best possible kind of foundation for a "something more" kind of relationship. With a lot of humor and heat, this third installment lives up to my expectations for the series and I'm giving it 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 September 2015

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