Review: Chasing Trouble by Joya Ryan (Chasing Love #1)

Jenna-Jayne Justice has worked long and hard to not be the kind of woman people in her hometown of Diamond, Kansas expect her to be. Her mother may have fostered a reputation that is still gossiped years later, but JJ is proving the adage "Like mother, like daughter" wrong. She's a great teacher and the becoming the head of a program she's created for the children of their town is a position she wants more than anything...until Colt McCade. He's a temptation she should run away from but he brings out a side of her that makes her feel more real. Whatever she has going on with Colt can't be made public because the last thing she needs is for her reputation to come into question. But with both of them wanting more, will JJ be forced to choose between the job she's worked hard for and the man who accepts her for who she is?

Chasing Trouble is the first book in the Chasing Love series from author Joya Ryan and is about a group of longtime friends from Diamond, Kansas who find love when they least expect it. This series starter was a falling-for-your-sister's-best-friend feel but with the unique element of Jenna Justice feeling the need to keep her affair with Colt McCade a secret. I couldn't help but feel a bit heartbroken for Colt because it was obvious that he wanted much more and no one ever wants to be someone's dirty little secret. They've got their respective issues to deal with but when these two are together, they're fun and sexy. She gives him a reason to settle down and plant roots while he inspires her to be the woman she truly is. This group of seven friends in the Chasing Love series is definitely one to keep tabs on. Chasing Trouble gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 09 September 2015

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