Review: Alex by Sawyer Bennett (Cold Fury Hockey #1)

Alexander Crossman is a force to be reckoned with on the ice, the very best at what he does and the Carolina Cold Fury's star player, but his reputation with management, his teammates, and the fans is as tarnished as it gets. He's constantly reminded that he's an MVP--most valuable prick--and he does nothing to dissuade people from thinking that way. He hates the sport he's a phenom at and makes no secret of it. When management gives him no other option but to become a part of a drug awareness campaign--something that they hope will bolster his public image--Alex is forced to work with Sutton Price, the woman in charge of the project. Alex may be a bad boy professional hockey player but Sutton isn't easily turned off by his persona. Can the good girl be the first ever thing that Alex realizes he can't live without?

Alex is the first novel in the Cold Fury Hockey series from bestselling author Sawyer Bennett, a series focused on the Carolina Cold Fury, a professional hockey team, and the women they fall for. This series starter has enough heat to melt the ice in any hockey rink, but it also has a lot of heart, especially when the respective pasts of the main characters are brought to light. There's passion and compassion within the pages of this book, making it far more than I would have expected in a story about ice hockey, which isn't what it's exclusively about. There are issues regarding parental pressure and abuse, various forms of addiction, and pent-up anger when dealing with one's past, but it never fails to make you empathize with what these two lead characters have experienced and are now feeling when it comes to their relationship.

Alex Crossman is cocky and arrogant but there's so much more to him and it's Sutton Price who opens the door to the man lurking behind the hockey stick. It's impossible to not fall for these two as you read how they fall for each other. Being with Sutton allows Alex to be someone else--the kind of person he can be proud of on and off the ice--and helps him realize that he needs to deal with whatever has been weighing him down. I loved these two together and was cheering them on from start to finish. Sutton is the kind of woman who inspires others to be better and while she may be kind-hearted and sweet, she's also strong-willed and would never allow anyone to step all over her. With main characters that make you wish they were real and a story to swoon over, Alex is a 2015 favorite read and one I'd highly recommend. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 06 September 2015

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