Review: Safe by Jessica Frances (In Midsummer #5)

Two things before I get to the actual review part of this, well, review: First, I had absolutely no clue that Safe was already out and about, which makes me feel bad because I was part of the blog tours for the first four books, and I really wanted to, at the very least, do promo for this newest one, but I was too late. Second, can I just say it's moments like these that I'm so glad I'm subscribed to Kindle Unlimited AND that Jessica Frances has her books enrolled in the KU program?! Okay, I've said what I had to say; moving on...

Safe is the fifth book in Jessica Frances's In Midsummer series, and it's the one that wraps up the story line involving Rocky Green and Conner Sherwood. Who would have thought that Midsummer's sheriff and it's newest resident slash social media influencer would end up together? Well, almost everyone probably, except each other! After all, Rocky wasn't looking for a committed relationship and Conner was just passing by. But their own issues and villains couldn't stand in the way of these two. Their wedding is getting closer and everything's going smoothly. Or maybe not as smoothly as either one thought...

I swear, Rocky and Conner have been put through the wringer, so if any couple deserves to have their happy ending, it's these two! I've adored this twosome from the beginning, and I've so enjoyed seeing them grow as a couple and as individuals, especially with Conner finding home in Midsummer and Rocky welcoming the possibility turned reality that his family could, indeed, become more complete. Naturally, having the rest of the Midsummer townsfolk around is always a bonus! I loved how Jessica Frances wrapped up Rocky and Conner's story and can't wait for more from this town! Five stars go to Safe.


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Date Read: 14 January 2021

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