Review: Escape with Me by Kristen Proby (With Me in Seattle #16; The O'Callaghans #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Valentine PR.

Whenever I read one of Kristen Proby's books, it always feels as if all I have to do is to huddle up under my favorite throw, with a mug of my best friend's own iced coffee concoction, and my tablet held in my hands and allow her latest story to take me away to that place where all readers find themselves when captivated by a tale guaranteed to end with a happily-ever-after. My introduction to her writing was via her With Me in Seattle series back in 2013, and every new book she adds to it has felt like a return to familiar ground, each new story and couple like a warm hug. Her latest book is also the newest addition to that book universe and to its spin-off of sorts, The O'Callaghans. If you're familiar with Proby's With Me in Seattle series, then you'll enjoy seeing quite a few easily recognizable characters from past books. For newbies, just dive in and then simply enjoy.

Escape with Me is the sixteenth book in the With Me in Seattle series, and it also happens to be the third one in the O'Callaghans sub-series. This is Keegan O'Callaghan's story, second eldest in the brood of five O'Callaghan children. He's the owner of the family-owned pub, and it's become his top priority. When runaway bride Isabella Harris shows up in O'Callaghan's Pub, both her life and Keegan's change forever. I loved these two together, watching Izzy find her purpose and footing and Keegan realize a need to shift around his priorities. These two developed into such great main characters, and their romance had this easy and relaxed quality to it. This story also highlighted family and how some ties need to be severed while others continue to be strengthened. I quite enjoyed this book, which is why it gets 4.5 stars, and look forward to Maeve's story next!

Date Read: 20 January 2021

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