Review: Secrets by Jessica Frances (In Midsummer #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.

I'd call Jessica Frances's In Midsummer series my "guilty pleasure", but I feel zero guilt whatsoever for the utter adoration I have for these books. Secrets is the fourth and latest installment, and here we find Conner Sherwood and Rocky Green, Midsummer's "it" couple, dealing with the upcoming holidays. In such a short amount of time, Conner and Rocky have been through quite a bit in the short time they've been together, but Rocky wouldn't have it any other way, not when it meant being with the man he loves and the family that they've created with ten-year-old River and baby Ryder. However, something seems amiss, and not just with Conner. The townsfolk of Midsummer have been acting a wee bit...different from the norm. Rocky wants to find out why Conner appears to be keeping secrets, but that may have to wait when a dangerous stalker, a Hollywood heartthrob, and a more protective than usual bodyguard keep Sheriff Green on his toes.

Ah, how I love seeing the progress that Rocky and Conner have made, not just in their relationship, but as upstanding citizens in the small town of Midsummer. The usual suspects, aka the people of Midsummer, are mostly accounted for, but I think it's the one who are trying to make it feel like home (again) that I took most note of, i.e. Rocky's brother, Reed, Henry Prince, and Bryan Stokes, Henry's close-in security. Dare I hope that we learn more about them in future books? Fingers crossed and all that jazz. But back to Rocky and Conner and the whole secret keeping thing. I honestly thought that the secret Conner was keeping was something way different, and in hindsight, I have a greater appreciation for Jessica Frances's storytelling because the secret was unexpected yet rather perfect. I enjoyed this latest visit to Midsummer, and I'm thrilled that there's at least one more book in the offing (though I'm hoping for far more!). Five stars for Secrets.


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Date Read: 12 November 2020

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  1. Thank you for such an incredible review. I appreciate your support for not only Secrets, but also the entire series. And while there is only one book left for Conner and Rocky, there are two standalone books coming after book five. And yep! One of those is Henry and Bryan! <3


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