Release Blitz: Strawberry Kisses by Charlie Novak

Strawberry Kisses
by Charlie Novak
Date Released: November 12, 2020

About Strawberry Kisses
Patrick’s To Do List:
1. Tell family I’m gay
2. Make giant cake for anniversary party
3. Convince Connor to be my fake boyfriend for the weekend
4. Try to keep my hands off Connor
5. Make sure Connor doesn’t find out I’ve been in love with him for the last three years

Connor’s Steps for Success:
1. Perfect pole routine for Chrome Stars
2. Continue search for perfect music
3. Survive weekend with Patrick’s family without mauling him while sharing a bed
4. Prevent feelings from exploding like a glitter bomb
5. Make sure Patrick doesn’t find out I’ve been in love with him forever

Strawberry Kisses is a 78,000-word standalone, contemporary MM romance featuring a sweet pastry chef, sassy pole dancer, a nosy but loving family, fabulous make-up, fluffy feels, and copious amounts of cake.

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An Excerpt from Strawberry Kisses

He tilted his head slightly, and suddenly his lips met mine in a gentle kiss. It was almost uncertain, and for a fraction of a second, my body stilled as it tried to process what the fuck was going on. Except I couldn’t process anything. I could barely even breathe because Patrick was kissing me.

Patrick was kissing me.

His lips were warm and soft and more perfect than anything I’d ever felt. I wanted to live in this moment forever or encase it in my memory so I’d never forget it.

My mouth pressed back against his. Time slowed to a crawl.

And then the kiss was over and nothing in the world would ever be the same again.

I stared at him as we broke apart. My heart was racing, my mouth opening and then closing again as no words came out. I couldn’t believe he’d kissed me. Especially here, in front of his entire family.

And now I had to pretend my entire universe hadn’t just exploded into a billion new star systems and that this was a totally normal and absolutely non-special thing because Patrick and I kissed all the time. I mean, we were dating, why wouldn’t we suck face at every possible opportunity?

Except that sounded weird and gross because that was exactly the opposite of what had just happened.

Sure, I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to make out with Patrick. And if that happened to come with a side of groping, grinding, and getting naked, I would be starkers before you could say go. But that kiss was different; it was tender and affectionate. The sort of kiss you might give someone you loved…

Which made my head spin even more because that made no flipping sense.

About Charlie Novak
Charlie Novak lives in England with her husband and a dachshund named Biscuit. She spends most of her days wrangling other people’s words in her day job and then trying to force her own onto the page in the evening.

She loves cute stories with a healthy dollop of fluff, plenty of delicious sex, and happily ever afters — because the world needs more of them. Charlie also believes that loves comes in all shapes and sizes.

Charlie has very little spare time, but what she does have she fills with cooking, pole-dancing, reading and ice-hockey. She also thinks that everyone should have at least one favourite dinosaur…

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