Review: Arrogant Savior by Terri E. Laine (Cocky Hero Club)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

Arrogant Savior is the newest novel from Terri E. Laine, and it's part of both the Cocky Hero Club, which is collection of multi-authored books inspired by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward's Cocky Bastard series, and Laine's own All the King's Sons book universe. All that being said, this latest from Laine can be read as a standalone, so you don't have to read anything else prior to jumping into this one. I get how frustrating that can be, especially since I'm somewhat of a stickler for wanting to read book in a series--even one in a particular book world with recurring characters--but you won't feel lost reading this.

The aforementioned titular character, aka the "arrogant savior", is Grant King, a pilot who decides to help his dad with one last flight for the man's air charter business before heading off to his new job with an airline. He's tasked to fly a woman to New York, and his first impression of Jolene Jameson is less than flattering, and it's an opinion he has no problem making known. She doesn't take too kindly to his rude behavior and can't wait for the flight to be over. Unfortunately, bad weather forces a delay, leading the two of them to share very close quarters. When they part ways, neither one expects to see the other again, but then Jolene's first day back as a flight attendant has her seeing an all too  familiar face in the new pilot--it's Grant King. Will these two soar high or crash and burn?

I admit it: I have a thing for well-written snark. Another confession? The enemies-to-lovers trope is one of my top three because, hello, tension. Terri E. Laine gave me both snark and tension and combined both rather nicely with Jolene and Grant's story. Sure, it took quite a bit for me to warm up to Grant since the guy's treatment of Jolene in the first few chapters was abhorrent, but once we got over that hump, I liked seeing these two figure out how to make their real connection work. I'm giving Arrogant Savior four stars. 

Release Date: 01 November 2020

Date Read: 01 November 2020

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