Review: Tequila Sunrise by Layla Reyne (Agents Irish and Whiskey #3.5)

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We only got snippets of their burgeoning romance in the three full-length Agents Irish and Whiskey series, but lo and behold, Daniel Talley and Melissa Cruz are taking center stage with Layla Reyne's new novella spin-off, Tequila Sunrise! Over the original three novels, fans and readers of the series got glimpses of Aidan Talley's youngest brother, Danny, and his late husband's sister, Mel, as they flirted and then fell in love. Both Danny and Mel were integral to the success of both Aidan and his former partner, now-fiancé Jameson Walker professionally and personally. And for those who haven't realized it yet--this IS an M/F book, and is evidence that Reyne can, indeed, right "straight" romance (with just a hint of kink to keep things even more interesting). So, can a hard-as-nails former FBI agent turned head of security for Talley Enterprises and the soon-to-be head of a shipping enterprise and family dynasty with a thirteen-year age difference find their way to happily-ever-after? Well, that all depends on the group that's decided to hijack the very ship that Danny and his family are on and that Mel needs to secure.

The events in Tequila Sunrise take place after those in Barrel Proof. However, that doesn't mean that readers don't find out how Danny and Mel's relationship transitioned from being tied together through Aidan's marriage to Mel's brother, Gabe, to lovers via flashbacks featuring highlights of their off-beat "courtship". Meeting one another plus Mel's own brush with death one time to many has led them to becoming more committed to one another. I liked that there wasn't a whole lot of drama in terms of their romantic relationship, but then, this book was far from boring, thanks to the action and suspense that was clear and present from the get-go. Without giving away the motive behind the hijacking, suffice it to say that not everything is what it seems. As always, the author is more than adept at pulling her readers into her latest story without having to go overboard (pun not intended!). This novella also serves as a good backgrounder as to certain parts of the Talley and Cruz family histories, which made Mel's gift to Danny and his family for Christmas even more meaningful, plus it's made me even more curious about the upcoming spin-off series headlined by Dominic Price and Cameron Byrne, and that's saying a lot since I'm already excited for it as it is! If you're a fan of Agents Irish and Whiskey, Tequila Sunrise is a five-starred must-read! ♥


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Release Date: 13 November 2017

Date Read: 22 September 2017

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