Review: The Other Brother by Meghan Quinn (Binghamton #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

"Maybe he won't hurt you as much as I hurt you because you don't love him like you loved me." I stare at her hazel eyes as I say, "The harder you love, the harder you fall."

Why don't you just take yet another piece of my poor battered heart already, Meghan Quinn?! Gah! You would think I'd have gotten used to the fact that this author lulls me into comedic complacency with her humorous writing, and then BAM! She pulls my heartstrings with something deliciously angsty. In the case of her latest release, she's given a unique twist to the story line of one girl caught between two guys who also happen to be brothers...only she doesn't know it. And before you go thinking I'm being a spoiler, that little tidbit is in the official synopsis for The Other Brother, so calm down. This book is yet another standalone slash companion novel to two others which came before it--My Best Friend's Ex and Twisted Twosome, with the former being a spin-off of the author's other rom-com, Co-Wrecker--so this is where I usual spiel of recommending that you read the other books in order as well, because seriously, who wouldn't want to read the awesomeness that Meghan Quinn dishes out in those previous releases AND so that you get to know all the other couples mentioned in this newest fabby release.

Aaron Walters (otherwise known as Smalls to those of you out there who've already read his best friends' stories) is the son that his mother kept but he's also the one that got compared to the two younger ones she gave up for adoption. He's got a new set of brothers by his side--his best friends, Tucker Jameson and Racer McKay--and even though they don't share the same bloodline, Aaron knows they're their for him no matter what. The one thing missing is someone he can share his life with. Tucker and Racer have gone on to fall in love and have the kind of flourishing relationships he once had...with Amelia Santos. He met her when he was twenty-five, and for two years, they were inseparable. Until Aaron made one decision--one that he believed was what was best for the woman he loved. It's been three years since he last saw her, five years since they first met, but now she's back in town to be with her father as he battles a health crisis and she just happens to be his new neighbor. She's as beautiful as ever and still has a firm grip on his heart, but Amelia loves someone else: her boyfriend--Aaron's younger brother, Trey.

Okay, here's the most important thing to take note of in this story before everyone goes shaming Amelia: she had no clue Aaron and Trey were brothers until it was revealed much later in the book. This presents an interesting enough dynamic, but what makes it even more intriguing is the fact that Aaron recognizes Trey in a photo Amelia has of them together, but remains mum. I loved Aaron, but can I just say that the guy seriously needs to work on his communication skills. He made a decision he should have left up to Amelia three years prior and he should have spoken up about Trey being his biological brother, especially because Aaron was still very much in love with Amelia. However, I get why he did what he did both times. It wasn't out of spite or because he was an ass. He simply loved Amelia and wanted what he believed was what she deserved. The guy broke my heart with his lack of belief in himself (seriously, his mother was a bitch), but kudos to his close-knit circle of friends for being the kind of support system he needed. Aaron is simply someone who happens to have a good heart and deserves happiness.

As far as the story went, I quite enjoyed it! There wasn't this immediate jumping back into bed with one another for Aaron and Amelia. If anything, Aaron had to prove that he was, at the very least, worthy of Amelia's friendship--that he was someone she could take a chance on in terms of offering up her trust. So, I liked that we're able to see these two working at rebuilding their relationship, even if it isn't necessarily with the end game being their getting back together as a couple (even though that's basically what it leads to). We also get to see how their romance begin five years ago, and what led to them breaking up--well, more of Aaron pushing Amelia away. And of course, let's not forget Trey, who isn't even a bad guy to begin with. There's no doubting that he loves Amelia, and it does seem that he carries the same trait his brother does when it comes to making decisions without actually sitting down and consulting the woman they're in a relationship with! Argh! But it's difficult to stay pissed at either Aaron or Trey, and honestly, there isn't really anyone or anything about The Other Brother that I disliked. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 02 November 2017

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