Review: Maneuvered by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott (Hammered #4)

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His gentleness was almost worse than the gale force storm version of Wyatt that had laid me out. Now it was soft, sultry Hudson whose easy pace hollowed me out. He took everything. Demanded all.

Hammered is back and I do believe I've just read my favorite book in the series so far. Hudson Wyatt, former professional Formula One driver turned drummer for rock band Hammered, likes wearing fancy threads and driving his fancy cars as if he were still on an F1 track. While three of his band mates have gone and fallen in love, making staying on their respective home turfs more of a priority than touring, Wyatt is itching to stay busy. He doesn't necessarily need a creative outlet--music isn't as ingrained in his pores as the rest of the band, but being part of something like Hammered and everything it entails is what keeps his mind focused and his body engaged. He lost everything after the accident on the track years ago, and the last thing he wants is to lose what he's got going now. With nothing more than the occasional recording session and promo to keep him busy, Wyatt is desperately seeking a distraction. He doesn't expect, however, said distraction to come in the form of the proprietress of The Pussy Palace, a cat cafe with one hickory smokin' coffee blend that has Wyatt addicted, one feline who's only got paws for him, and one awkwardly gorgeous woman named Piper Lockwood who doesn't seem to have any sort of a filter and has Hudson Wyatt craving for a hell of a lot far more ways than one.

I absolutely adored Hudson and Piper! You may have noticed that I've chosen to call him "Hudson" rather than "Wyatt". Well, that has to do with Wyatt being more of his Hammered persona and Hudson being the man who slowly revealed parts of himself to Piper throughout the book. Either way, I loved the guy as a whole. He may have started off as aloof, but the guy's got heart, and cheesy as it may sound, it's a heart that's reserved for his band and for the cat lady who makes a mean cup of coffee, aka Piper. The humor was on-point and smart as heck, but that's just one of the reasons why this book in particular was such a winner and the series in general is an absolute keeper, as far as I'm concerned. The romance felt so innate for a couple like Hudson and Piper, meaning it never felt contrived. The vibe between the two was often playful and flirty, and whatever angst was in the story was at a bare minimum and this angst addict isn't complaining one little bit. Fans of the series may also appreciate that we get to catch up with those couples we've already met and fallen in love with. With Hudson snapped up, we've got two to go--Zach Kane and Reed "Bats" Mason--and I'm still hoping Bats doesn't end up with Victoria Shear, aka soul-sucker. For now, go and bask in the five-plus-starred wonder that is Maneuvered, originally entitled Manster. ♥


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Date Read: 03 November 2017

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