Review: Lace-Covered Compromise by Silvia Violet

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Lace-Covered Compromise is an enemies-to-lovers story and the first of Silvia Violet's for Riptide Publishing, although I've read and enjoyed some of her other releases this year. When Adam Kingston is informed that his recently deceased father left the family-owned Kingston Corp. to not just him but to his father's protege, Adam is livid. The last thing he wants to do is to be forced into a situation where he has to work side-by-side with a co-owner, especially if it happens to be Nate Thomas. They have very different visions for the future of Kingston Corp., leading Adam to believe the company would be best served by having only one person in charge--HIM. So, when he discovers that Nate has a thing for wearing manties plus donning lipstick, he decides he could use the knowledge to his advantage...that is, until Nate turns the tables on him, using the realization that Adam has a thing for Nate in lacy underwear and lip color. The attraction between them is sizzling, but is it enough to override the lingering cold animosity? Will Adam and Nate come to a compromise or will one of them be left on the losing end?

I do love me a well-written enemies-to-lovers romance, and maybe, if forced to choose between that trope and my other top favorite, the ever-popular friends-to-lovers story line, I admit that I'd maybe, possibly, probably choose enemies over friends becoming lovers. Meep! (But I still adore both tropes!) The tension between Adam and Nate was a constant, although it did switch from angry tension to the more sex-filled kind time and again as the story progressed. We get to know Adam more than we do Nate in this book, but then that makes sense to a degree since he's clearly the one who's dealing with more issues, what with his strained relationship with his late father and his desire to not share ownership of Kingston Corp. with Nate. Clearly, Nate was more likable than Adam, but once he allowed himself to be more open with Nate, we get to see a more vulnerable side to him that proved he wasn't as much of a controlling, obnoxious jerk as he first came off to be. My favorite character, though, was Valerie, Adam's closest friend and the voice of reason. She was kickass. Overall, Lace-Covered Compromise was a four-starred read. ♥

Date Read: 08 November 2017

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