Review: Darkest Temptation by Rachel Van Dyken (The Dark Ones Saga #4)

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“…I’m a broken, dirty mess, and you don’t deserve the mess. You deserve the masterpiece.”
Tears filled her eyes as she reached for my face then slowly cupped my cheek. “Mason, the mess is the masterpiece.”

I have two favorite Rachel Van Dyken series, and The Dark Ones happens to be one of them. There's just something so deliciously dark and tempting about these books about otherworldly beings that form the Immortal Council. With the release of the fourth novel, Darkest Temptation, we finally get around to the wolf that would be King--although he already was king of his clan, only to relinquish his position when he lost his mate. For Mason, having his closest friends around him is enough to help him from totally wallowing in misery and loneliness. Except now, those very same friends have fallen in love and found their mates, one by one. When Ethan rescues a fellow vampire named Serenity, Mason is tasked to do what he does best--heal her--except there's an immediate connection that he feels towards this bruised and bloodied creature, one that he refuses to acknowledge. But then that's not the only thing that the one considered the Great Wolf has tried to deny himself. A wolf and a vampire were never ever meant to become mates; so why is it that Mason and Serenity being together feels like...destiny?

Goodness, but how this one had a lot of secrets waiting to be revealed! There was so much more to Mason's and Serenity's back stories than you would think and they were doozies! My heart broke for both Mason and Serenity, not only for the loss that they've both had to endure but also over the fact that neither one believed themselves worthy of love--that of a mate on Mason's part and family in the case of Serenity. I loved how these two fought against the idea of them being together and then struggled to embrace their destiny as a couple and their destinies as individuals. This made the rewards waiting for them so much more meaningful. Can I also add that I doubly loved the role Cassius played in Mason and Serenity's story? Gah! I admit it, Cassius has always been my favorite among the immortals, although now, Mason is an extremely close second--with Cassius ahead by a feather...or maybe Mason behind by a snout's length. This fourth Dark Ones novel was everything I could have ever hoped it would be, and now, the waiting game begins for Timber's story. Darkest Temptation easily receives five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 31 October 2017

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