Review: A Bolt of Blue by Nicky Spencer (Angel's #1)

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A Bolt of Blue is Nicky Spencer's debut release, and it's the first novel in her Angel's series, the title of which comes from the club that the characters have a connection to, in one form or another. Book one is an M/M/M, with the three principal characters being best friends Ian and Mitch, both twenty-one who started their friendship at fourteen, and Dusty, a twenty-nine-year-old bartender at Angel's and boyfriend to Mitch. Ian has been secretly in love with Mitch for seven years, and on the night he decides to finally come clean and admit his feelings for and to his best friend, Mitch unleashes his own secret in the form of his boyfriend of two or so months, Dusty. While Ian tries to live with the painful reality that the guy he loves is in love with someone else, Mitch is dealing with issues regarding his older sister and her alcohol abuse. With him distracted, Ian and Dusty find themselves hanging out, and already there's a zing of attraction that exists that bursts into something to a bolt of lightning one they give into it. Ian already knows what it's like to be the one on the outside looking in, and the last thing he wants to do is to hurt his best friend. Dusty can't deny he has feelings for both Mitch and Ian, and he finds himself at a loss as to how to handle it all. What if the solution was now not having to choose one? Can three men work better than two?

Stories involving three-sided affairs or relationships have been more a miss than a hit in my years of reading about them. There's often this insistence that I have to believe that all three parties involved love each other equally, and unfortunately, there are always seems to be the odd man (or woman) out--that one person in the threesome or triad who doesn't seem to have the devotion or passion that one couple share. With Spencer's initial offering as an author, I confess that I didn't have that connection with the main characters, save for Ian, that I demand when reading a book. While I commend the fact that Spencer gave me something new--no one among the three was really looking to be in any sort of threesome or throuple--I couldn't help but wonder if what sparked the idea to engage in it had more to do with the infidelity going on (and yes, I'm one of those who believe emotional cheating is a thing). It's one of those things that seemed more like a solution to a problem, as if it were a win-win(-win) kind of scenario instead of having to leave someone out. There was also enough drama concerning the three men that the one concerning Mitch's sister was more of a distraction. However, I do think that the author's writing holds promise, and while A Bolt of Blue didn't completely resonate with me, it may still work nicely for you. Three stars. ♥

Release Date: 10 November 2017

Date Read: 09 November 2017

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