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Release Day: Crew Princess by Tijan

Crew Princess (Crew #2) by Tijan Release Date: August 19, 2019

About Crew Princess Being crew is walking between two worlds. One world is normal: Prom. Parties. College. Those are the concerns they worry about.
In our world, we deal with other situations. Cops. Drugs. Brawling. That’s a typical day for us.
But what if it wasn’t?
What if there came a day when you stopped? When you considered letting your enemies win? When you didn’t fight back? When you chose a different path?
First I lost my family. Then I got the Wolf Crew. I couldn't lose them too.
But what happens when Cross, Zellman, and Jordan keep going… ...and I don’t?

Crew Princess is the second book in the Crew series.

Read my five-plus-starred review of Crew Princess.

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An Excerpt from Crew Princess You would think one might outgrow violence.

At some age—after inflicting so much pain, seeing too much blood, hear…

Review: Crew Princess by Tijan (Crew #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Nina Bocci PR.
“Baby.” He tucked his head down and kissed my neck. His entire body shuddered. “I've never been more in love with you.” He tipped his head back, staring deep at me. “I love you. YOU. No one else would fulfill me. No one else would make me feel excited for the day, grateful for the day. No one else makes me feel like I'm half a person. My other half is in my arms. No matter what happens in the future—where we go, where we don't go—this stays.”
Oh. My. CREW!!! Gah!!! This book was...EVERYTHING. Crewearned its place on my year-end list of favorites last year, and while I had no doubt that the second novel in the series by the same name was going to do the same, I had no frickin' clue just how much of a game changer for the series this ended up being. I know that there are a slew of other new releases out there that share the same date--or have gone on to release early--but Tijan's Crew Pr…

Release Blitz: Coffee by Matthew J. Metzger

Coffee (A Cup of John #2) by Matthew J. Metzger Release Date: August 19, 2019 NineStar Press
About Coffee When Chris’s stepfather passes away and leaves Chris a house and a wedding ring, it seems like the perfect opportunity to take the next step in his relationship with John.

So, they’re both in for a nasty shock when Chris’s mother is vehemently opposed to the idea. Despite three years of history to prove otherwise, she insists that John is only a temporary feature in Chris’s life, and a man like him can’t be expected to stay with someone like Chris in the long run.

Can Chris persuade her that she’s wrong in time for the wedding—or will there be an empty space in the photographs?

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An Excerpt from Coffee
Rather appropriately for the occasion, it had been raining all day.

Chris took in a deep lungful of smoke and exhaled it smoothly into the chilly afternoon. The memorial garden was blissful after the hu…

Release Blitz: Hitting Black Ice by Heloise West

Hitting Black Ice (Heart and Haven #1) by Heloise West Release Date: August 19, 2019 NineStar Press
About Hitting Black Ice Shawn is on the run from the law and love, to protect himself and anyone else involved. Until he meets Hunter, and he no longer wants to run.
ER physician’s assistant Hunter guards his heart carefully, but that doesn’t stop him from falling for the temp front desk clerk. He keeps his distance from relationships for a good reason but just can’t help himself when it comes to Shawn.
Forced into a hostage situation, buried passions explode in the aftermath, and sex in the supply closet brings both their hearts back to life. But as they explore their relationship, the past catches up with Shawn.
FBI agent Nick Truman has finally found his man, and when Shawn escapes, he focuses his attention on Hunter. Will Shawn sacrifice himself to save Hunter from the man who framed him for murder?

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Cover Reveal: Half-Truths by Claire Contreras

Half-Truths by Claire Contreras Release Date: October 21, 2019

About Half-Truths You’ve heard of these groups – the secretive ones that only the crème de la crème are invited into, the ones outsiders speculate about for centuries – I’m the second in my family invited to attend, but to them, I’m fresh meat. New blood. New money, too.
They think they’ll elbow past me, that I’m here for their amusement, for them to walk all over, they’ll find out soon enough that I’m not.
I may look like one of them, with my designer bags and clothes straight from the Parisian runways, but I’m not. I’m here for answers, to take revenge for blood spilled on their centuries-old Persian rugs.
I transferred here in search for answers about what happened to my older brother, who hightailed out of here, and my friend who seemingly disappeared into thin air. I certainly wasn’t here for the attention of the star hockey player, regardless of how much he willed my eyes his way. I wasn’t here for his scrutiny or his j…

Release Blitz: The Day He Came Back by Penelope Ward

The Day He Came Back by Penelope Ward Release Date: 19 August 2019 17 August 2019 (early release)
About The Day He Came Back It was the summer of my life. I’d met the guy of my dreams. Unfortunately, he was the son of my uppity employer—and very much off-limits. But Gavin was a rebel. He knew his mother would disown him if she found out about us; in his eyes, we just had to be careful. He never treated me as his mother did—like hired help. Instead, Gavin put me on a pedestal and loved me harder than I’d ever been loved in my life.
What a summer it was.  Until it all ended—badly. 
I was never supposed to see Gavin again. That didn’t stop me from thinking about him every day for ten years. I knew little about his life now, just that he was an entrepreneur living an ocean away.
When a twist of fate had me working again in the very place our love affair started a decade earlier, I knew it was only a matter of time before I might see him again.  But I wasn’t prepared. What if he hated me? What…