Review: Rattle Some Cages by Lani Lynn Vale (Battle Crows MC #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Uplifting Author Services.

Ooh, I do believe I've just read my favorite book (so far!) in Lani Lynn Vale's Battle Crows MC series! Rattle Some Cages had that unique story line that I've come to expect when it comes to Vale's books, but this had such a smooth flow to it that it made the story and character development more of a standout compared to the first two books in the series. This is Sabrina Proctor and Price Crow's story, and yes, it works well as a standalone, so if you're new to either this author's writing in general or to this series specifically, then you can go right ahead and jump in without any prior reading necessary and still fully understand and appreciate what happens.

When Price Crow first spots Sabrina Proctor, it's in the middle of a hurricane just as she comes to grips with the loss of her best friend--the same best friend whose body was right beside her on the shore. He rescues her, and she stirs within him a need to care for and protect her. She isn't oblivious to the immediate connection she feels towards him either, but Fate doesn't seem to be on their side, leaving Sabrina to walk away and for Price to not follow. However, try as he might, he can't stand to not know how she is or what she's doing. When the time comes to choose, will Price choose to pursue a future with Sabrina or to sacrifice his happiness for everyone else?

There was something about this book that called to me. It held my attention from start to finish while also holding on to my heart, waiting to see how everything would play out between Sabrina and Price. I understood the difficult Price found himself in, and making the choice between chasing your own happiness and maintaining the peace within the family while also providing peace of mind to someone you love is never easy. Once he was all in, how I loved seeing him freely expressing how he felt for Sabrina. I loved these two together, and as always, Lani Lynn Vale brought the romance and suspense with some humor and angst. Rattle Some Cages receives five stars.


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Release Date: 19 April 2022

Date Read: 16 April 2022

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