Review: Meant to Be by Jennifer Probst (Twist of Fate #1)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by Montlake via Valentine PR.

What happens when you share one memorable night together--and no, I'm not talking about an unforgettable one-night stand here, people--with someone you absolutely click with, but still end up going your separate ways only for your paths to cross again months later when he's introduced as the man your best friend is now madly in love with? That's only part of what Jennifer Probst's new novel is about. Meant to Be is the first book in the Twist of Fate series, which is about the remaining three of four close friends who founded Quench, a website dedicated to women and focusing on their self-care--Chiara Kennedy, Malia Evergreen, and Tessa (whose last name I don't recall being mentioned). It's been two years since they lost their best friend and co-founder Rory, but they strive to move forward. Chiara, however, has made it a point to keep her distance from Rory's husband, Sebastian Ryder. But circumstances throw them together one night, and everything shifts. Could this be another chance at happiness or is she stealing Rory's HEA instead?

Jennifer Probst is an author whose work I'm somewhat familiar with, albeit we're talking more of her earlier stuff with a smattering of her later releases, so I was looking forward to checking out her new series starter. Chiara and Sebastian's story had the angst that I oftentimes crave, and theirs was a certainly complicated path towards a happy ending. These two were dealing with guilt and grief, and when you have those two emotions lingering while trying to build on a romantic relationship, well, you're bound to come across hurdles a-plenty. The idea that the main characters were meant to be was a plausible one, but that also doesn't diminish the love Sebastian had for Rory and the importance of Chiara's own relationship with Rory. I'm not a fan of vilifying a deceased character who was once seen in a positive light until secrets come out, and thankfully, Probst didn't take that avenue. Overall, Meant to Be was a story about love, friendship, second chances, and this myriad of possibilities when it comes to being "meant to be". This snags four stars. 

Release Date: 19 April 2022

Date Read: 19 April 2022

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