Review: Rockstar Wild by Taryn Quinn (Wilder Rock #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors.

Rockstar Lost is a novella and the second book in Taryn Quinn's Wilder Rock series. This was a second-chance romance of sorts about best friends who always had feelings for each other but lost their chance to explore those further when one walks away from the other in order to chase his dream of music stardom. Two years later, Myles Vaughn has returned to his hometown in hopes of wooing back the only girl he's ever loved--his best friend and muse, Felicity Hudson. Unfortunately, Felicity has made plans of her own and none of them have to do with Myles. She's ready to go off on her own adventure just when Myles is preparing to set them roots for the both of them. She set him free to follow his dreams; will he let her go to allow her to do the same?

This was a super quick read, but it does tell a complete story without any sort of cliffhangers or me left feeling as if something was missing. I liked Felicity's spunk and her fiery spirit. She knew what she wanted, and while Myles return was a definite wrench in her plans, she wasn't the sort who was going to swoon over his belated romantic streak. Myles was, indeed, quite romantic, although I must admit that I got some satisfaction over the fact that things weren't going the way he thought they would once he returned to finally pursue Felicity and make amends of a sort. The one tidbit I found strange, though, was Myles mentioning that he now had a mortgage, but then he also mentioned in the book that he had enough money for several lifetimes, so...yeah. That didn't compute. However, I did enjoy the story and the happily-ever-after was satisfying. I'm giving Rockstar Lost four stars. 

Date Read: 02 August 2020

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