Review: On His Knees by Laura Kaye (Blasphemy #5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

“I really do want to try everything. Right now, in this moment. While it feels like this.”
“Like what?”
While it feels perfect. Alex felt that way, too. God, he felt it harder and deeper than he should. Almost desperately, given all that he’d lately been yearning for in his life.

I love Laura Kaye's Blasphemy series as a whole, but it wasn't until I read the latest installment that I had finally found the book I would consider my favorite. On His Knees is the sixth release in the series, and it's the first M/M story in the bunch. Now, I make no secret of my adoration of M/M romances, and this was certainly not the author's foray into the sub-genre, but Alex McGarry and Jamie Fielding's love story was even better than I could have ever hoped it would be. This was a book that I was looking forward to from the moment Kaye announced it's then-upcoming arrival. Two men discovering something that neither of them thought they'd ever find? Yes, please!

Twenty-nine-year-old James Fielding knows all about short-term relationships. It's not that he fears long-term commitment, but he's yet to find the one person he clicks with. If he's being honest, there's a certain something that he's still looking for--if only he could put a name to it. And then a friend of his suggests that maybe Jamie is a masochist, and this opens his eyes to a whole new world, one that's anxious to explore. His chosen guide is Alexander McGarry, known as Master Alex and one of the twelve owners of the exclusive club known as Blasphemy. Jamie is everything the sadist in Alex desires, but could Jamie ever want anything more than kinky sex?

I'll be honest here: BDSM romances aren't at the top of my list of favorite sub-genres. I'm picky; I'm not a fan of gratuitous sex, and quite a few of erotic romances that have BDSM in them tend to have way more sex scenes than I consider necessary. Now, Alex owns a sex club, so of course sex is going to be on the table (or anywhere else they choose...sorry, had to go there), but not once--NOT ONCE--in this entire series did it ever feel as if the sex was filler. Laura Kaye has stories to tell and the stories just happen to have sex in them, not the other way around, which is why she's become one of my top go-to authors. In this book, the sex was eye-opening because it was part of Jamie's journey to discovering a version of himself he never knew existed as it was for Alex who found much more.

This book pushed boundaries, and I consider it the most explicit among all the already released books in the series. Being a masochist and a sadist isn't all that Jamie and Alex are about, respectively, but they are part of who they are as men. The submission and dominance that they crave are part and parcel of what makes them tick, but their relationship doesn't work merely because Jamie is a sub and Master Alex is a Dom. Jamie is exactly what Alex needs in a sub, just like Alex is perfect as Jamie's Dom. That doesn't mean, however, that what they have is some fairy tale. There is conflict, and goodness, my heart broke during that final chapter. Don't worry, we get a happy ending and that epilogue was the cherry on top. On His Knees gets five-plus stars and works well as a standalone! ♥


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Date Read: 16 February 2018

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