Review: Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye (Hard Ink #5.5; Blasphemy #0.5)

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Hard to Serve is a new novella in bestselling author Laura Kaye's Hard Ink series, which is one of my personal favorites, and also serves as an introduction to her upcoming erotica collection, Blasphemy, which is a fetish club that specializes in the BDSM lifestyle. If you're a fan of the Hard Ink series, Kyler Vance should be a familiar name, especially since he was there to provide much needed support for the main cast of characters in their then-ongoing quest to go after their enemies. A thirty-five-year-old detective and eleven-year veteran with the Baltimore Police Department, Kyler has worked hard to bounce back from injuries sustained alongside the Hard Ink crew, but not only is he forced to ride a desk for the immediate future, his distant future is in question because of an ongoing investigation by Internal Affairs, spearheaded by the relatively new police commissioner. There is no way that Kyler is a dirty cop, but he can't quite deny his desire for dirty sex in the confines of a sex club he co-owns with eleven Masters.

Mia Breslin has nothing to complain about when it comes to her career. She's the director of a new gallery and she not only enjoys what she's doing but she enjoys living in her new city of Baltimore. The only thing that's missing is that one person she can trust to give her what she wants and needs, but finding a Master who is open to a relationship with her is easier said than done. When she receives an invitation to avail of a temporary but much coveted membership to Blasphemy, a BDSM club, her hopes are high that she'll find what--or who--she's looking for. It doesn't take long for her to lock eyes with a man who introduces himself as Master Kyler. He's not only one of the twelve Masters of the club, but he exudes the kind of dominance she craves--that authoritative bearing that comes naturally while respecting her limits but still pushing her boundaries. Kyler may not have been looking for a relationship, but Mia makes him want to explore their new connection. Until, that is, he discovers that Mia is the police commissioner's daughter...

Goodness but this book was one hell of a hot read. Mia knows what it is she wants and she has no problem looking for it. She doesn't play coy just to be cute and she's more than aware of her limits but isn't closed to taking a chance doing something new with someone she trusts. She may be a submissive but in no way is she helpless or weak. On the other hand, from their first time together, it's clear to Kyler that one time with Mia isn't enough for him, but he doesn't do relationships and he's afraid that they may grow too attached to another. Unfortunately, Kyler is a tad clueless when it comes to recognizing what's right in front of him and appreciating it for the opportunity that it is to take a chance at happiness. I swear, the man had me wanting to hit a couple of times. He may be a Dominant, but I felt Mia had far stronger convictions and refused to let fear rule her decisions. Hard to Serve is a lead-in novella for the Blasphemy series, and I'm more than ready to get to know the other Masters, starting with Griffin Hudson. Five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 02 July 2016

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