Review: Bound by Affliction by Ryan Michele (Ravage MC Bound #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Every part of you, Leah, is what I want. The good, bad, and ugly—we go through this life together, next to each other, and building what we want out of it. No one and nothin’ holdin’ us back. Know you’ll never forget, but give it all to me and I’ll carry it for you. Be by your side every step of the way.”

I know what to expect when I read one of Ryan Michele's MC romances--from her Ravage MC series to its spin-off, Ravage MC Bound, plus the Vipers Creed MC books and her co-authored crossover books and series with Chelsea Camaron--but there was something special about Bound by Affliction. Would I call it fiction perfection? No, especially since there isn't such a thing. Maybe it was the tale of reclaiming the person you once were and merging it with the stronger person that you've become that got to me. It could be that neither of the main characters wasted time pretending to not feel one thing or to feel another. If I had to choose one book that I would consider Michele's best work to date and my favorite among all her motorcycle club romances, it would be this new novel.

The fourth book in the Ravage MC Bound series tells the inspiring story of Leah Johnston and Ty Brum, aka Green and a part of the eponymous motorcycle club. The story as a whole overlaps with other events that occur in the first three novels. All it takes is one ill-advised connection online that tips over dominoes that neither Leah nor Green and his brothers are able to get ahead of to stop before Leah is abducted and tortured, suffering at the hands of evil men hoping to use her in order to get to her best friend. Green and the Ravage MC may have rescued her and Leah's physical scars may fade over time, but the wounds that lie deep within her are far from healing. As much as Green wishes he could make Leah how brave she is just for surviving, Leah will have to save herself first...

My heart went out to Leah while reading her story, and it cheered wildly for Green as the man did whatever he wanted to for the woman he cared for. I honestly don't know what I would have done had I been in Leah's shoes. What she had to endure was unimaginable, even as the author made it impossible to not know just how horrendous her situation was while she was with her captors and the aftermath. Ryan Michele's writing was on-point, subtle when needed yet maintaining that thrum of anticipation and tension. I won't get into whatever errors there were because this was an advanced reader copy, so I'm hoping those were worked out through editing. As far as the story and main characters were concerned, Bound by Affliction was a five-plus-starred winner of a read. ♥


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Date Read: 04 February 2018

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