Review: The Way to His Heart by Felice Stevens (Together #2)

The Way to His Heart is a novella and the second release in Felice Stevens's Together series. Gideon Marks and Jonah Fine are still very much together and still very much in love. That doesn't mean, however, that Gideon's insecurities have fallen away. Being told that his plateaued with as far as his coping with his dyslexia is concerned bothers him, and simply reinforces Gideon feeling that Jonah deserves someone better. In order to help keep his partner's mind off his worries, Jonah decides to plan a surprise dinner to celebrate their very first Valentine's Day as a couple. Jonah's cooking skills are rather...infamous...but he's bound and determined to make it a Valentine dinner to remember for Gideon. But then Gideon's past comes back in a way he never expected, leaving him unsure as to how to handle everything. Gideon has learned a lot, but now he needs to learn how to love himself.

I love when authors write novellas that allow their readers to catch up with couples that we've met and fallen in love with before. Felice Stevens's Valentine novella for Gideon and Jonah had that good balance of angst and lightheartedness. No one wants to be bombarded with too much drama in such a short read, especially since these two already hurdled certain issues in the full-length novel. I liked that other things that were left in the air were finally put to rest, allowing Gideon to truly move forward and be the best version of himself with the man he loved. While his part of the story was the heavier side, Jonah's sweet and secret plans to put together something for Valentine's Day provided the lighter side. Who doesn't love a guy willing to push beyond his comfort zone in order to make his partner happy? Sigh. The Way to His Heart is a 4.5-starred story I hope makes its way to YOUR heart. ♥

Date Read: 06 October 2017

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