Review: Strip Me Bare by M. Never

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

"Maybe this time, the pauper doesn't end up on his ass. Just maybe, he ends up with the princess."

I haven't read every single one of M. Never's books, but the ones that I've been able to peruse have hit the spot for me each time. With her latest standalone, Strip Me Bare, readers get a second chance romance between Ryan Pierce and Alana Remington. They were young and very much in love, with Ryan becoming Alana's first in more ways than one. But then he ups and leaves with nary an explanation, shattering the eighteen-year-old Alana's heart and making it impossible for her to trust or become truly intimate with anyone else. Five years later and Alana comes face to face with the guy who broke her heart, and it's in a place called Culture, which features the most popular male revue around--a male revue headlined by "Jack the Stripper", otherwise known as Ryan Pierce.

If there was one thing Ryan swore to himself, it was that, given another shot, he would prove himself worthy of the only girl who's ever been in his heart--Alana Remington. He had reasons for leaving her and for staying away, but now that he's seen her again, he refuses to squander his second opportunity. He knows he needs to explain, but will she even want to listen to him? And if she does hear him out, will she even still want to be with him? After all, he's a very much in-demand stripper, one with a highly recognizable face and body. He loves her, and he's sure that she loves him, but will Alana risk her father's ire by rekindling her relationship with Ryan? Her life has always been programmed towards her dream of becoming a lawyer, but could Alana's lifelong dream change and include Ryan?

I've read more several books involving a woman falling for a male stripper, but I seriously need to give the author props for putting her own spin on the theme and truly making this her own. There were quite a few things about the story and characters that caught me by surprise--the good kind, of course. There was more to Ryan being a stripper and Alana a law student. Both their back stories had me empathizing with them, especially Ryan. There are a lot of lighthearted moments in the book, but goodness me, the heavier ones--one in particular--had my heart clenching in my chest. So much of the story played out in ways I wasn't expecting, but I loved every bit of that originality and creativity. M. Never ticked almost every single one of my boxes with Strip Me Bare. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 05 October 2017

Date Read: 05 October 2017

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