Review: From This Moment by Melanie Harlow

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

"I lost my chance with you then, and maybe I deserved to, for being too scared to speak up and tell you how I felt. Maybe I deserved to watch you fall in love with my brother instead of me. But maybe it just wasn't our time. Maybe it's our time now."

I've stuck to naming one Melanie Harlow title as my favorite for quite some time--Man Candy, for anyone out there who's curious; though to be honest, I've yet to read the author's Frenched series, her Speak Easy duet, and her The Tango Lesson standalone--but after having read From This Moment, I find myself waffling because this amazingly heartrending yet hopeful story about finding love once again was in a class all its own. Harlow's tale of a widow falling in love with her late husband's twin brother may be slapped with the "taboo" label by many, but what it is a beautifully told journey of a woman who found and lost true love only to find it again and learning to claim it for herself. I was moved to feel and think by this novel, and it is, without a doubt, one of Melanie Harlow's very best.

Ten years ago, Hannah Randazzo was working in a diner when she met Wes Parks, a shy and quiet medical student. A month after, he introduces her to his twin brother Drew, and lives are changed. The present now finds Hannah a thirty-five-year-old single mother to five-year-old Abby. Wes has returned from Africa to take over his father's practice. The last time they saw each other was eighteen months prior--the day they laid her thirty-four-year-old husband to rest after his sudden heart attack. Now, she sees her husband's face...only, it isn't's Wes'. Having him close by is proving to be a test she may be destined to fail. He listens. She's falling for him, but is Hannah falling for a man who just so happens to share the same physical attributes as her late husband and is looking at Wes as nothing more than a stand-in, or is she falling for the man who makes her feel alive and absolutely loved?

This book should have come with a warning, one that cautioned readers about the possible need for tissues nearby. There was nothing easy about what both Hannah and Wes had to go through in order to get to their happily-ever-after. Yes, they do get there, but there were many hurdles that had to be overcome. Can you imagine the guilt that weighed down on them? Was Hannah being disloyal to her husband? Was Wes betraying his brother? And then there are the other people to take into consideration, namely, Hannah and Drew's daughter, Abby, and Wes and Drew's parents. I put myself in both Hannah's and Wes' shoes. Was it worth all that heartache to be with this person that you loved? And by God, the answer was pretty clear, although, let's be honest here--it takes a healthy dose of courage, fortitude, and patience to see a love like Hannah and Wes' through. Melanie Harlow has penned an addictively angsty but ultimately inspiring romance. From This Moment is a five-plus-star 2017 favorite. ♥

Release Date: 10 October 2017

Date Read: 08 October 2017

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