Review: Bourbon Sins by Meghan Quinn (Bourbon #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

Goldie wants a better life for herself. She knows being a cocktail waitress at a strip club may not be ideal but she's working hard to save her tips. Having Rex, her married paramour, pay her for sex certainly won't win her any good citizen awards. She does what she has to and she won't apologize for her actions. When finds a black business card left behind by a mysterious customer that grabbed her attention, she doesn't do much about it until more cards begin popping up, cards that have her name along with a phone number and the words "Jett Girl" printed on them. Still, she refuses the impossible to believe offer that's presented to her by the Lafayette Club's representative, Kace, and flat out tells him where he can stick it...that is, until an unfortunate event leaves her with no other option than to call the number on the card.

Jett Colby is a very powerful man in New Orleans, owning a lot of real estate and having more money than countless others can imagine makes it easy for him to do whatever he wants. Creating the Lafayette Club was more than a business investment for him. It was a way for him to do something to help women that reminded him of what his own mother went through, making it possible for them to a great deal of money while furthering their education, creating a better future for them once they're ready to leave the club. There's something about Goldie that makes him want her to become a Jett Girl and he dismisses the warnings given to him by his best friend Kace, as well as some other Jett Girls, that Goldie will be difficult to manage. Soon, Jett realizes that he really is in over his head with the girl he now calls "Lo", his little one.

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I started reading Bourbon Sins, the first novel in the Bourbon series by Meghan Quinn. While it does have some of the humor I've now come to associate with the author after having read her slew of fabulous romantic comedy standalones and series, this also had a different, almost darker, feel to it. When I say "darker", I don't mean nefarious or evil, but something more along the lines of a heavier, more mysterious aspect when it comes to this story and its characters. Of course, that may be the case in Quinn's other books but I'll have to confirm once I read each one the Bourbon novels plus the rest of her back list. I liked the creative and original spin of the story and the characters all had something rather likable about them...well, maybe except for Jett Colby's father. He was just a major ass.

I know the story revolves around Goldie/Lo and her transformation into a Jett Girl and I know that a lot of fans of the book, and the series as well, are on Team Kace, but I must say that Jett Colby was the reason I loved this book. He was mysterious and complex, a truly multi-layered character who had secrets and I'm pretty sure some will have been told in the second book and the rest saved for the third book due out in June 2015. He's definitely not perfect and there are things about him that I don't exactly like in a guy, whether fictional or otherwise, but there's something about him that draws you in and you want to get to know him better and risk getting your heart broken in the process. So, yes, I totally understood and empathized with Goldie/Lo and her feelings once she was with Jett both inside and outside the famed Bourbon Room.

With a unique story that leaves you wanting more and a cast of characters that is composed of a wide range of personalities with varying back stories, each one of them with a hint of quirkiness amidst the dark tales, Bourbon Sins is a prime example of a book that's able to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. There's something about Meghan Quinn's writing that makes the characters feel as if you could meet any of them in whatever city you're in. Even though the circumstances they may find themselves in aren't similar to your own, it's easy to empathize with them because they feel like real people. I have yet to read the sequel, but Bourbon Deceit is already up next, along with Bourbon Kingdom, which is book number three, as well as Bourbon Truths, the Bourbon spin-off. Make sure to check out Bourbon Sins, my latest 4.5-star read. ♥

Re-Release Date: 05 October 2017

Date Read: 01 October 2017

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