Review: Fortuity by Jewel E. Ann (Transcend #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR.

When I learned that Jewel E. Ann was releasing a third book in her Transcend series, color me happily surprised. This author knows no bounds when it comes to creativity and originality, and fans and readers like me unflinchingly reap the rewards of her efforts. Now, given how fabulously amazing Transcend and Epoch were, there was no denying that Fortuity was going to have a battle on its hands. After all, no one wants the newest book in a well-loved and popular series to, at the very least, not be received as well as its predecessors. Well, worry not because Ann absolutely--and unsurprisingly--slayed it, and yes, you can read this without having read the first two.

At forty-one, Gracelyn Glock's life is what it is, but all it took was one devastating event for it to change, whether she wanted it to or not. She now finds herself the sole guardian for her ten-year-old nephew, Gabriel. She knows this new responsibility is one she needs to take seriously because all she wants is the best for Gabe, even though she's not always sure she's what's best for him. Maybe living on the beach will be good for both of them. Who can resist the sand and surf? Then she meets their irresistible neighbors, forty-six-year-old single dad and professor Nathaniel Hunt and his ten-year-old daughter, Morgan. It may all be fortuitous, but will it end happily?

When it comes to the books I read, I don't have a personal preference when it comes to the ages of the main caharacters. That being said, I confess that forty-something MCs hold a special place in my heart because I belong to the same age group. Now, Grace and Nate being in their forties was just a bonus because it's difficult for me to find much of anything to quibble about when it comes to this book. I loved seeing the relationship between the two of them develop inasmuch as I loved seeing Grace's relationship with Gabe and Nate's with Morgan as well. If you've never read anything from Jewel E. Ann, Fortuity is certainly a great place to start. I'm giving this five stars.


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Release Date: 01 June 2020 28 May 2020 (early release)

Date Read: 27 May 2020

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