Review: Letting Go by L.A. Fiore

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

Ah, how I've missed L.A. Fiore's writing! Letting Go is her newest standalone release and there was so much more to it than what the official blurb hints at. Readers are introduced to Cedar Walker and we learn of her friendship with Brock Callahan. Years later, that friendship flourishes to something more romantic, but at eighteen, Cedar loses the boy she loved--her first love. Life goes on, as does Cedar, but the time comes when she wants more than routine, so she decides to start over yet again, moving from Manhattan to Wyoming. Killian Reid was unexpected, yet slowly but surely, he breathes new life into her. He makes her believe once again in a happily-ever-after. But then Brock returns...

This is one of those reviews that's difficult to put together because no one wants to be the one who inadvertently blurts something out that and it turns out to be a spoiler. Let me just say that slapping the "love triangle" label on this diminishes what the story is really about. There's a great deal more that happens in the book than you realize, so whatever expectations you may have based on the blurb alone has to be stowed aside. Heck, go into this blind! If you've ever read anything by L.A. Fiore, then you know how good of an author she is. However, if you are new to her, this book is as good a place as any to get an introduction to her writing. Enticing and moving, Letting Go is a story of knowing when to hold and when to let go, and it's a book that I so hope you do the former with. Five stars. 🖤

Release Date: 19 June 2020

Date Read: 19 June 2020

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