Review: Jilted Jock by Rebecca Jenshak

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

I've been picking and choosing at least one book per release of the Cocky Hero Club collections--the one time I chose two books was for the initial release--and I've based my choices on authors whose work I'm familiar with. So far, I've been more than happy with every single book I've chosen to read, and that streak continues with this fourth batch. Rebecca Jenshak is an author whose work I came across just last year, but she's easily become a go-to author for me. Her sports romances have a lot of heart and heat to them with a fine balance of angst and humor to keep me happy. Her contribution to the Cocky Hero Club book universe is a new sports romance, this time on the pitch. Spoiler alert: it's about soccer. Best of all? This is a complete standalone.

When thirty-year-old Adele Bateman meets twenty-four-year-old soccer star Finn McCash, he doesn't look like a man who's just married his girlfriend of four years. Nope, the Finn she meets is drunk and disheveled, toting a Bengal kitten with no name and a broken heart as he seeks solace in her brother's home. When he ends up needing another place to stay at for a couple of weeks while waiting for his new apartment to be available, Adele offers up her extra bedroom. What she never considered offering up was her heart, not with Finn having just been left at the altar and her having a boyfriend. It took two weeks to change everything. Adele has had a risk-free life for the past five years. Is she ready for an adventure with a jilted jock?

This book did not go the way I expected it to, and I mean that in the best way possible. Rebecca Jenshak had me wanting to give both Finn and Adele a hug several times throughout the book. These two embedded themselves in my heart--Finn with what happened to him at his very own wedding and how devastated he was by the betrayal, and Adele for everything that she had gone through and survived in her past. The conviction and resilience these two made them not just endearing but inspiring. Jenshak is an author who has shown me time and again that the faith and trust I have in her writing is deserved each time I read whatever her latest book may be. Such was the case yet again with Jilted Jock, which I happily give five-plus stars to.

Release Date: 28 June 2020

Date Read: 28 June 2020

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