Review: Learning Curves by Molly O'Hare

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.

Oh, my goodness. but how this book did my heart good! I kid you not, I laughed my more than ample butt off while reading Molly O'Hare's latest romantic comedy. Learning Curves was a heck of a good time and there was just so much about it to love that I'd be hard pressed to find a single thing about it I didn't like. This is a complete standalone single parent romance with a whole lot of heart and heat. And hilarity! Gracious me, there is no way you could miss the hilarity and humor in this book. My first read from O'Hare was last year, and once I was done reading Nothing But a Dare, I knew this author was going to be someone I needed to keep my eye on, and thank God that I did because this newest rom-com of hers brought joy to my too jaded heart.

Learning Curves is the story of Spencer Hurley and Ellie Ryan. Spencer is a single father to a nine-year-old daughter named Annabelle and works from home as a graphic designer and web consultant. His precocious little girl is his world and he would do almost anything for her. So when he finds out that the teachers and students at Belle's old school were bullying her because of learning disabilities, he not only pulled her out but they moved to a new town as well. Now, he's enrolled her in a highly recommended school with a teacher he's heard good things about. But his opinion of Ellie Ryan changes when she doesn't show up for their initial meeting and then he catches her napping right before their rescheduled meet-up. She doesn't think too highly off him either. Sure, he's hot and all, but she certainly didn't appreciate the way he talked down to her. Which is sad because his daughter is quickly becoming her favorite (don't tell her dog, Roxy!). So, why is it that neither of them can see to get the other one of their mind, and what happens when they realize that the attraction they feel is very much a shared one that demands to be explored?

This book is, hands down, one of my favorite rom-com reads of the year so far. It was fast-paced and didn't have any unnecessary prolonged drama or conflict. Both Spencer and Ellie were refreshing and real and wonderfully flawed. There was a lot about Ellie that I could relate to, especially when it came to being a teacher and her love for her students as well as her absolute adoration for her dog, Roxy, who knew how to get what she wanted. Spencer was someone I really liked, even though there was a moment in time where I wanted to smack him during that first parent-teacher he had with Ellie. And then there were all the supporting characters. From Ellie's parents and Spencer's dad to smart and sassy Belle and spoiler fur baby Roxy, as well as Ellie's students and her best friend, Sally, and Principal Talley, scene-stealers every single one of them! So much happened in such a short amount of time, but nothing ever felt rushed, and I loved every single minute reading Learning Curves. Five stars! 

Date Read: 10 June 2020

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