Review: Then You Saw Me by Carrie Aarons (Prospect Street #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Then You Saw Me is the first novel in Carrie Aarons' Prospect Street college romance series, and not only did this series starter give me the feels, but it left me with a major book hangover. Readers are introduced to a group of six friends--Taya, Amelie, Bevan, Scott, Gannon, and Callum--who share a home along Prospect Street, close enough to Talcott University but a place that was theirs. Of the six, Taya, Amelie, Bevan, Gannon, and Callum are all from the same Upstate New York hometown: Webton. When Gannon goes off for a semester to star in a dating reality show, there's a need to find someone to take his spot in the house. And the new housemate? It turns out he's from Webton as well.

What happens when your teenage crush turns out to be the temporary housemate you and your friends were expecting? That's the position twenty-year-old Taya North finds herself in when Austin Van Hewitt enters their place on Prospect Street. He was the hot high school senior she was swooned over as a sophomore. He never noticed her back then, but she's got all his attention now. One kiss leads to more, and soon they're making out a whole lot, and it's like all of Taya's teen dreams coming true. But then a time capsule from when she was fifteen shows up, and Austin reads it and notes that Taya signed it...with his last name. Now things are awkward. Taya can choose to let it be or speak up.

There was something about this book that reminded me of a lot of the first batch of new adult (NA) reads that introduced me to and made me fall in love with Carrie Aarons' writing. I loved the creative touch of having this cast of characters all living in one house, with each one dealing with their own baggage, with some either sharing the baggage or having the baggage caused by someone within their circle of friends. I appreciated how much character development there was when it came to Taya and Austin, and my curiosity is piqued when it comes to the others and how their issues will be dealt with as this series goes forward. Then You Saw Me is my favorite 2021 read from Aarons. 4.5 stars.

Release Date: 12 August 2021

Date Read: 09 August 2021

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