Audiobook Review: Dirty Charmer by Emma Chase, narrated by Andi Arndt & Rupert Channing

There's just something special about revisiting a story you love and falling in love with all over again, only this time through a different medium. Dirty Charmer is the latest release from bestselling author Emma Chase, and I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that it's just the first in a new spin-off series from Chase, this time featuring the men and women of S&S Securities, founded by the former royal security detail in the Royally series. This audiobook is narrated by the legendary Andi Arndt and the always spot-on Rupert Channing.

Dirty Charmer is the story of Thomas Sullivan, former member of the royal protection team for Wessco's Prince Nicholas. Now co-owner of S&S Securities alongside Logan St. James, he's tasked to be close-in security for one of the Dowager Countess of Bumbleridge's grandchildren, Lady Abigail Haddock, aka Dr. Abby Haddock. The same Dr. Abby Haddock who attend to him when he ended up at her hospital's A&E Department and whom he later kissed. For the sake of professionalism, Tommy intends to keep everything above board with Abby, even if she tempts him without doing much other than breathe. Once his time as her bodyguard comes to an end, though, all bets are off. Neither of them is looking for a committed relationship, and maybe keeping things casual without any strings whatsoever is just what they need. So what happens when feelings come into the picture?

This audiobook was every bit as dirty and as charming as I'd hoped it would be, with Arndt and Channing bringing even more dimension to Chase's story. Tommy and Abby were opposites, whether it be in terms of personality or upbringing, Their dynamic was entertaining and there were a lot of lighthearted moments, although this was peppered with some angst, enough to make me quite happy. Figuring out whether or not to act on their attraction and then seeing if what they had was something that was worth pursuing was part of the issues they faced, but it was family involvement (cough, interference, cough) that I think weighed heavily on these two. I really enjoyed Dirty Charmer and can't wait for more from this world Chase has created. 4.5 stars! ♥

Date Listened to: 07 June 2020

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