Review: This Is Love by Natasha Madison (This Is #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.

“Vivienne Paradis,” I say to the universe, “I hope you're ready because nothing is going to stop me from making you mine.” I say the words out loud, and I'm smiling now. “Let the games begin.”

There was so much to love about to the third novel in Natasha Madison's This Is series that I don't know if one pithy review from me could even manage to pinpoint every single thing or express how awesome a read this was. This Is Love is the story of New York Stingers's thirty-two-year-old veteran goalie Markos Dimitris and thirty-one-year-old columnist and secret blogger Vivienne Paradis. He's nicknamed PM--Private Mark--for a reason; he may be one of the league's top goalies but his privacy is something of great importance to him, even to the point of shying away from team get-togethers. On the other hand, she has no filter and has no shame; why should she when she doesn't consider anything off-limits, even when it comes to her private life? When Mark handed his number to Vivi two years ago, she never called him. So when they accidentally bump into each other, it sets of a series of strange events--strange because what Vivi had thought was a one-night stand turned into many nights (and days) and not just spent standing. But how do you convince someone who's anti-relationships to want to be in a committed one?

Kudos to Natasha Madison for having a female main character who doesn't shy away from her sexuality! In the world of romance fiction where virginal female leads are a dime a dozen, Vivi Paradis is a breath of fresh air. She owns who she is and that something refreshing out of the ordinary in the books I read nowadays. The fact that Mark Dimitris embraces her sexual nature rather than going the route of slut-shaming her makes him an even better guy than he already was as far as I'm concerned. These two definitely had the whole sexual chemistry thing down pat, but it was the quieter moments that I found endearing because they really did get to know each other during what Vivi thought was their non-relationship. As always, we have some of the couples from the Something So and This Is series making appearances here, but surprisingly enough, they weren't featured as prominently as in the past, which was also a nice change of pace. This story does play out in the same time frame as This Is Wild, but both can be read as standalones if that's more of your thing. This Is Love is a 2019 favorite and gets five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 03 September 2019

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